Fix Firmware Reset Xerox Phaser 3020

Fix Firmware Reset Xerox Phaser 3020 software disables the chip in your toner with product code 106R02773 that you use in your printer, thus making your printer look like it has a new chip all the time.

Compatible Firmware Versiyon

ModelVersion firmware
Phaser 3020

Phaser 3020W


In this way, your toner is perceived as unfinished and you can use the powder in the toner to the fullest.

Fix Firmware Reset Xerox Phaser 3020, chipless operation software;

  1. This product will not cause any damage to your printer.
  2. The software is installed on your printer. You can continue to use it on any computer you want.
  3. It is enough to install the firmware once. The same process is not required for every toner replacement. It is endless software.
  4. There is no function change in the printer. Wifi etc. it does not spoil the features.
  5. The software does not make the printer look bad or very good.
  6. This action only cancels the toner chip.

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Installing Xerox 3020 Printer Chip Reset Software;

Here we only give an example. We can also view this information when we connect with the Anydesk program.

First of all, we download the printer information query program from here.

Then we run the downloaded read printer information.exe file.

Our printer must be connected to the computer with a USB cable.

If there are any accumulated printouts you sent to the printer before, first delete them and turn the printer off and on.



  • Click on read information. (Bilgileri oku)
  • Printer model, serial number, version and Crum number will appear at the top of the program.

fix generator

We create our reset software by typing the serial number and crum number that appears on the screen into our program.

Our Fix Firmware Reset Xerox Phaser 3020 software file that we created falls into our folder in this way.

m2020 fix donw

  • Now we come to the installation part. Fix Firmware Reset Xerox Phaser 3020.
  • To install, we will need to put our printer into installation mode.
  • First of all, we turn off our printer with the power button.
  • When the printer is turned off, press and hold the two keys on the printer for 3 seconds and release them.
  • All lights of the printer will turn on.
  • Then Fix. We leave the file on the Usbprns2 application with the help of the mouse.
  • File to Screen. window and dots will advance.
  • We are waiting for the printer to restart automatically.
  • When the printer restarts, we remove the chip on the toner or cover it with tape.
  • The process will be finished. The toner level will now always show as 100%.

Xerox Phaser 3020 Wi-Fi Mono Laser Printer Chipless Operation ;